President’s Message

79North Ltd. is a Canadian gold exploration company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

The Company was incorporated in August 2016. Over the past 20 years of a 35-year career in mineral exploration, I have had the pleasure to be the founder and CEO of several junior exploration companies that have discovered mineral deposits in west Africa and in the Canadian Arctic.

In addition, I have constantly worked to build a database of mineral exploration opportunities worldwide. My “brand” is to identify geological terranes or jurisdictions that are permissive for mineral deposits but that, for one reason or another, have been denied thorough exploration and resource development by well capitalized exploration companies. The reasons for this may be as simple as remoteness, for example the Canadian Arctic, or as complicated as politics (Burma), war (Iraq), terrorism (Syria), or indifference (French west Africa prior to about 1990). Such terranes and jurisdictions are very attractive to me because they are in the early stages of the exploration and development cycle that starts with a period of rapid discovery and development lasting for twenty or thirty years, depending on the size of the terrane or jurisdiction and the level of cooperation by government, and ends in maturity with few discoveries when most of the large deposits have been discovered and mined out.

We will keep investors well informed with regular press releases and an up to date website. I am a very, hands on and technical CEO because I am a practicing exploration geologist and I intend to be involved directly in the exploration of our projects. We can’t let the employees have all the fun, now can we? Readers of our press releases will find them very detailed and technical, however, I will summarize things for non-technical readers in all our press releases. Readers will also find this website “stuffed” full of data because I think it is better to publish everything on the website rather than have investors ever think that we are being misleading by selectively publishing data. A word about our logo; the circular element of the logo represents the face of a diamond drill bit. The logo reveals our contention that the value our shareholders expect by investing in 79North can best be achieved by developing top tier exploration targets and testing those targets with diamond drill holes. Finally, if you are a shareholder, want to be a shareholder, or want to stop being a shareholder, please feel free to contact me any time, I am always happy to talk or text (+1-416-786-6348) or respond to emails (

Jon North
Toronto, Canada
July 2023

82 Richmond Street East, Suite 306
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M5C 1P1
Tel: (416) 786-6348